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Who Should Join Our Network?

Social Investors

Corporate, Private, or Community Foundations

Businesses with CSR Practices

Local Governments

Our Vetting Process

We work with leaders in the social sector to implement “design thinking processes” used in engineering and entrepreneurship. This model allows us to use qualitative and quantitative data to understand audience needs; define the problem we aim to solve; ideate and test potential solutions; and use feedback to terminate, improve or run effective initiatives. Leaders in the social sector hire EnspireHub to support them at any stage of the four-step fundraising process. Learn more about the fundraising process. Those who join us later in the process must submit idea validation data. We then use this data to support leaders in submitting grant or investment proposals for local governments, foundations, corporate giving programs, and social investors.


We work with leaders and teams that demonstrate GRIT: Growth, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity.

Resource Maximization

We ensure that our leaders understand existing solutions, collaborate where it’s needed, and maximize resources at hand.


The proposals we submit demonstrate a proven need in the market alongside tested solutions.