About Us


We are an L3C that increases funding opportunities for leaders in the social sector


To serve as a hub that foundations, corporations, and government entities use to access vetted social impact proposals.

Strategic Objectives

1. To maximize social return on investment for all stakeholders (Directors, Impact investors, foundations, government entities, donors and beneficiaries).
2. To promote an evidence-driven strategy and funding approach in the social sector.
3. To provide tailored resources, expertise, and support to leaders in the social sector.

EnspireHub Founder

Juliana Duran

EnspireHub Founder

Juliana is a multi-cultural visionary leader with demonstrated abilities for delivering outstanding results in short timeframes for various businesses, nonprofits, and investment networks. Some highlights include: Ran a scholarship program granting $5,000 in funds, increased sales for an energy efficiency startup by $120,500 in 7 months. Innovated an apprenticeship/mentorship program that aligned 7 first generation, college-bound students with meaningful internships and engaged 12 mentors to meet and mentor students. Negotiated contracts with 5 partners to establish programs that helped 74+ entrepreneurs start or grow businesses. Managed a trade association composed of 50+ investors while executing 24 events in 12 months. Raised over $140K in 12 months for a local nonprofit.

Juliana is originally from Colombia and moved to Park City at age eleven. On a weekend you’ll find her at reggae concerts, skateboarding, dancing to Vallenatos in her living room, at the bike park, obsessively skiing Park City, watching standup comedy, working on her startup, or going on hikes with her wubbers and Chiweenies.

Advisory Board Members

Linda Norquist

Linda is a valuable member of our board. She’s able to provide a “Big Picture” perspective to our team as a result of having over ten years of experience in the banking industry. In her career, Linda had the opportunity to mentor more than 100 small business owners in start-up finance, marketing, revenue growth, and aligning them with untapped resources and partnerships. In 2017, Linda was chosen to speak on behalf of the bank at the Project American Dreams 2017. “A hub and nation-wide tour providing expertise, capital, and access to opportunities to America’s fastest growing entrepreneurial segment”. Linda had the honor to mentor three finalists in the competition by helping them with scaling strategies, preparing their investor pitch, and helping them translate marketing/financials from complicated plans and projections into consumable and actionable tools.

Linda is originally from Colombia and moved to the US upon college graduation. On a weekend, you’ll find her at the nearest spa/pool, trying to obsessively snuggle her Shitzus or Dachshund puppy, calling friends and family in Colombia, or watching music videos with her kids.

Ainsley Lloyd

Ainsley is the data brain on our board. She graduated from the University of Arizona before pursuing her master’s degree with the big boys and girls at Yale University. She then made a presence in Washington DC, where she was hired as an independent consultant on data analysis for projects at the World Bank, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Green Growth Knowledge Platform, and Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute. She’s been in Utah since 2016, landing an Executive Director position at a non-profit business incubator. She mentored many leaders in urban and rural areas around Utah who were dedicated to bringing business incubator programs into their local communities. Now Ainsley supports entrepreneurs in their capital raises with data analytics. She thrives in an environment where she can solve complex problems using structured and unstructured data.

Ainsley is originally from Arizona and on a weekend you’ll find her analyzing and generating reports for a Clean Technology Fund (a $5.4B fund that helps scale low-carbon technologies), making nontoxic deodorant for friends, volunteering with Sierra Club, bringing Ruby the dog to random offices, training her newest fur baby, Lola, wheel throwing (pottery), painting or rock climbing.

Tyler Norquist

Tyler is the mastermind behind the visual EnspireHub brand. As an essential member of our board, he brings a spirit of continuous improvement and creativity to the team. His talents are extraordinary and rare to find together in one person. He has unparalleled skills both on the technical front with programming skills and on the creative front with graphic design skills. After studying computer science and digital media at ASU, Tyler has developed a large number of websites in a variety of industries. His years of experience bring us peace of mind as he’s encountered and addressed many possible issues related to web development. Bring it on hackers!

Tyler is originally from Oregon where he grew up with amazing parents who established an orphanage in Mexico for kids living with disabilities. On any weekend, you’ll find him in the garage working on DIY projects, coding websites, playing around with typography, or trying to understand the world of video games with his kids.