Get Resources, Expertise & Personalized Support to Fundraise with Confidence in 2019

We implement “Design Thinking Processes” used in engineering & entrepreneurship allowing us to draft compelling, evidence-based proposals for nonprofits seeking financial support from Foundations, Corporations, & Governments.

Orchestrating the Fundraising Process in Four Steps:


We assess your community/consumer needs and the best approach to address them


We’ll use existing data or data uncovered in the idea validation stage to build a compelling case for your fundraising effort


We’ll help you prepare visually appealing and persuasive grant proposals and presentations

Opportunity Analysis & Outreach

We’ll help you identify, plan for, and coordinate opportunities to get in front of potential funders

Why EnspireHub? We are an L3C Social Organization Focused on Your Success

EnspireHub Founder, Juliana Duran’s vision for her consulting business is to provide in-depth, personalized attention to each and every organization that interacts with EnspireHub. It takes time, focus, passion, and a certain set of skillsets to understand, accurately assess and help fund the challenges we attempt to solve in the nonprofit world. We specialize in small quantity, high-quality work. That is truly what sets us apart from widely available generic consulting practices.
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What Other Leaders are Saying

Congrats on hitting the ground running!  You are a talented and determined entrepreneur… I look forward to hearing about your new venture.

-Doug Wells, Park City Angels

I’m still using the tools we focused on at Foundry (an entrepreneurship program). It was eye-opening to see how I paid attention to tracking stats and progress in so many aspects of my life, and yet I wasn’t doing it adequately in my business. It’s made a big difference, as did the realization I was speaking like a health educator instead of using the words my customers use. Thanks to you for all your guidance!

Allison Stuart, Phd at Welltrilogy

You were exactly what I needed to get things moving. I have a patent and found a manufacturer who is a great fit for my company. I can’t thank you enough for being the fertile soil I needed.

Ruth Zimmer, MD

Immediately upon hire, Juliana created an exceptional team synergy.  Juliana’s efforts and innovation equipped us to launch a successful campaign to reconstruct the company’s main organic ranking page and several landing pages. She also played an integral role in developing and managing our scholarship program from inception including strategizing a plan, drafting copy for different marketing channels, and coordinating with design and development teams for launch. One thing I realized early on with Juliana – she has a remarkable work ethic. Juliana was willing to work longer hours to ensure projects were finalized. She has the willingness to do every part of her job exceeding all expectations. I am appreciative for the opportunity to work with Juliana. I strongly recommend her, as she will become a valuable asset and marketeer to any organization.

-Colby Shosted, TaskEasy